All-In-One App A total business solution for retailers including inventory management and sales tracking.

White Label Syatem Tailor the product to
reflect your brand.

Cashless Solution

Financial Reports Access daily reports to analyse performance in real-time.

More Features

A complete, cashless solution which reduces overheads and eases payment collection, all while providing enhanced account management to you, the retailer.

Anywhere, Anytime!

The Merchant Payment App system doesn’t just make it easier to manage your business, it
provides an enhanced customer experience and improves brand loyalty.

Easy Setup No complicated installation process.

Innovative Get ahead of the game with state-of-the-art technology.

Anywhere Available anywhere with WiFi, ideal for businesses on-the-go.

Build Loyalty Reward you customers through inbuilt loyalty

How It Works

Scan & Pay

Pay with reference number

How It Works

How It Works

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