Features/How it works

If you are looking for a mobile payment provider with access to the latest in checkout-less technology, then look no further than Merchant Payment App. Our scan and pay app helps to prevent fraud, reduce overheads and ease payment collection, while providing enhanced account management and improving customer loyalty. Mobile wallet solutions have never been so easy to use.

MPA consists of a back office web platform, as well as two apps: the customer app, and the merchant app. The customer app allows consumers to make checkout-less payments in store and online, and the merchant app is a mobile POS used by cashiers to generate a QR Code with which the customer can scan and pay.


The merchant app

Our app has been carefully considered, ensuring it includes key elements that will enable you to manage, and grow, your business. Here are just a few of its key features

Track sales: know how much money you are making and when. Watch trends in real time through the app, anytime, anywhere.

Inventory management: keep an eye on stock levels and know when you need to make an order. Track products that are trending.

Daily financial reports: the app will produce a daily report for you, detailing profits, top-sellers, and flagging items which aren’t performing well.

Customer retention: keep your customers coming back for more by offering a better user experience, loyalty points and discounts.


The customer app

Customers love our app, because it is fast, easy to use and secure. Linked directly to their bank account, MPA allows the customer to scan the QR code and go, with no waiting or queuing. Not only that, but customer loyalty is rewarded through points, offers and discounts.

Not only does MPA allow users to pay for goods and services, but it can also be used to transfer funds. In just one click, you can make a payment to friends and family with the app.

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