Why choose MPA

MPA developers, FinCode, are passionate about providing simple, secure FinTech solutions for how we use and exchange money. We want to change the way we use technology and money, in order to help businesses transform themselves into FinTech powerhouses. We create tailor-made products which companies can license, white-label and use according to their brand and their needs. Because we know that no-one knows your business like you do.


Transform your business

Whatever your business, MPA can transform how you and your customers make and receive payments. Customers can pay directly through their phones – no cash, and no processing fees. Businesses can track sales, manage inventory and monitor profits. Meanwhile, customers can make fast, simple and secure payments directly from their phone, using the Scan and Pay function. Not only that, but customers will earn loyalty points and discounts on future purchases, encouraging repeat business.

To read more about how MPA can transform your business, click here to find out about some of the businesses already using this Scan and Pay technology, across the retail, hospitality and utilities sectors. Join the likes of supermarket giants Tesco and Sainsbury’s who are already benefiting from the cashless revolution.


What are the benefits of MPA?

Why choose MPA? We like to think that it’s because we care about the detail. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all Scan and Pay app; MPA can be white labelled so that it is tailor-made to your business’ brand. Here are some of the key benefits of MPA:

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